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Facial Aesthetics

Cosmetique Clinic is able to offer the most effective facial treatments in the city.  Whether you’re aging, tired, damaged from the sun, or just need a little facial rejuvenation, we have a facial treatment for you.  


In our clinic we offer treatments for both men and women and have facial treatments to soothe, smooth, repair and re-energise your skin, all of which deliver immediately visible benefits and results.   Treatments include laser and non laser facial treatments, facial skin peels, Botox and dermal fillers.



Erase fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can improve the appearance of frown lines, Crow's feet, droopy eyebrows and laugh lines to name a few. Not only does botox make you look more youthful, it can also be used for excessive sweating and migraines. 



Mesotherapy is the latest way to help treat skin imperfections. It works well for pigmentation, wrinkles and lines and to have a radiant, youthful skin.

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