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Time for a Skin Reboot

Summer holidays are all about fun in the sun and that sun-kissed skin. There is absolutely nothing wrong with some sun, in fact there are many benefits to getting some sun in moderation. Over-exposure may lead to some setbacks, but that is what we are here for!

So what exactly happens to our skin when we sunbathe?

There are two types of radiation waves from the sun, UVA (A = Ageing) and UVB (B=Burning). UVB rays causes the outer layer of skin to literally burn, resulting in sunburn. UVA rays are deep penetrating and reach the layer of cells beneath the outer layer. Melanin, a pigment within this layer, undergoes a reaction when exposed to UVA rays that results in the darkening of the skin. Over-stimulation of melanin production results in dark spots or hyperpigmentation that come us as patches and spots. Not only does over-exposure result in over-stimulation of melanin but it directly impacts the components in the skin responsible for skin elasticity, such as water and collagen. Hence why UVA rays are the culprits of photo-ageing and DNA damage.

What to do?!

First and Foremost: PROTECT

Secondly: TREAT


ALWAYS opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect from both UVA and UVB rays. Reapply sunscreen regularly especially when swimming and sweating. Opt for a medical grade sunscreen (we recommend ISDIN Eryfotona AK-NMSC) if you are prone to melasma, actinic keratosis and cancerous lesions. At Cosmetique you will find a range of sunscreens, ask our Skin Specialist for advice on which is suited to your skin.


If you are concerned about any new spots that have developed or spots that have changed colour or form, please consult with our GP Dermatologist, Dr Nitin Lakhani, for further advice and treatment.

On the other hand our Laser Aesthetician, Susan Hales, is ready to give your skin a reboot and tackle those pigmentation spots and patches.

Our Recommendations:

Product: ISDIN Eryfotona AK-NMSC

Treatment: Laser Skin Resurfacing

Book your Skin Consultation to receive a comprehensive skin evaluation and treatment plan to address your skin concerns.

+230 484 0156 or +230 5480 0251

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