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Nasal Suction and Chest Physiotherapy

Nasopharyngeal, or nasal, suction is a physiotherapy technique used all over the world to aid in clearing secretions (AKA phlegm) from a patient’s lungs and throat. It is used when the patient is unable to clear these secretions by coughing.

Children under the age of two are especially vulnerable to chest infections because they do not have the strength to perform an effective cough. This means that when they are sick, their phlegm will stay in their lungs which leads to shortness of breath, fatigue, poor sleep, and an increased likelihood of a secondary infection.

Therefore, children benefit so much from chest physiotherapy and nasal suction. The chest physio helps to loosen the phlegm and makes the suction more effective and improves your child’s wellbeing while their body fights off the infection. It also might allow parents a full night’s sleep!

Nasal suction is a safe and quick procedure which allows immediate relief for the child so there is no need to hesitate.

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