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Do I really need to have a family doctor?

Family Doctor

In the modern fast paced world we live in, problems are often dealt with as they present themselves. It is seldom that we take time to put into place structures that deals with life’s eventualities. It is therefore no surprise that people are visiting specialists at much higher rates than years gone by. In fact many people often skip past a general practitioner (GP) and present straight to the specialist.

Is this a good idea? Do I really need to have a family doctor?

There is plenty good data available on this subject but the short answer is yes. Everyone should have a general practitioner that looks after their needs.

GP’s are trained in most medical fields and therefore should be the first port of call. Furthermore GP’s also get to know the whole person and don’t just treat the specific organ/disease pattern but rather the whole person. As time goes by the GP also gets to know your personal story and how that possibly plays into your disease process. This of course all leads to better, more tailored treatment.

GP’s are also specialised in dealing with the following situations:

  • General checkups

  • Preventive screenings

  • Common medical complaints

  • Initial diagnosis

  • Chronic disease management

  • Refer and coordinate care of specialists and other providers

It is therefore my recommendation that everyone finds a evidence-based GP with whom you can connect and feel comfortable with to help keep you and your whole family in good health.

We at Cosmetique will be more than happy to assist with all family related health matters.

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